Our first issue is not our first issue

The German magazine was born in 2015, more or less as a happy dream world based on a shared passion for street photography. And yet this first idea became a strong driving force that made Soul of Street the only German-language magazine for street photography. In October 2022 we already published the German issue #43 and are proud of a loyal reader and subscriber base.

Our team has evolved a lot in the last few months. Our new members brought a breath of fresh air, new project ideas and a lot of energy. Editorial processes have been revised, the layout has been brought to the next level, and content
requirements were revised. Over everything hovered and still hovers the joy and pride that everything worked out so well.

The last few weeks have been quite a ride for us. As our guests and contributors become more international, we felt there was room for an English edition of Soul of Street in October 2022.


Photography & Philosophy

“Photography & Philosophy” is much more than just the text in our logo. It is what comes closest to our mission statement.

Our magazine does not revolve around technicalities, like gear or expertise. We strive to put the photos and the photographers behind the lens in focus. Who are they? What drives them? What is on top of their mind in addition to what is in their viewfinder?

Soul of street is about the connection between photos, people, vision and emotion.


There is nothing like variety


We consider the interview as our most extensive format. It tries to present not only the photographer, but also the thinking and feeling person behind the lens. The interview allows our readers to get a glimpse at the mind behind the photos and to have a heightened understanding of the photographer’s portfolio.


The guest article gives contributors the opportunity to share their thoughts and expertise on a given topic. The focus in on the contents, with the photos illustrating the contents.


As the name suggests and contrary to the guest article, the focus is on the pictures. The text provides the necessary context on the photos, the contributor’s motivation and procedure.


The title is quite self-explanatory. It is a short presentation of the photographer answering the five questions (Who? When? Where? How? Why?) and presenting five photos. The challenge is to offer a condensed insight into one’s personal philosophy.


The SBTP gives the reader insight into the making of. Street photography is often falsely believed to be the walking – seeing – clicking triptych. SBTP allows the reader to sit on the photographer’s shoulder and experience the whole process with him or her.


Time for us to say Thank You. Including a choice of pictures in this first international English edition of Soul of Street is our way of paying tribute to you as the community that sustains us. #SOULOFSTREET


There is nothing like printed paper

We have already achieved more with the German edition than we could ever have imagined.

And if there is one thing we are utterly convinced of, it is the sheer magic of paper. There is nothing like the feel, smell, touch and page turning sound of a magazine.

Having the English edition in print, too, is our next goal.